Works of Art Restorations

            Bronze - Copper - Tin

                 Zinc - Iron - Silver - Sheffield


Chargement du lecteur vidéo


Chargement du lecteur vidéo

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François Bronze has an amazing ability to accumulate various degrees, just like that, as if to satisfy an overwhelming need to "understand how it works".

"I have almost all the CAP degrees: autoshop, electricity, engine maintenance, etc..."

"A fancy, just to test the limitations of my fingers" So much that it seems his ten fingers have none.

Able to understand the mechanisms of things with the blink of an eye, this self educated man has declared once that he was riding his motorbike in search of the "holy grail", the kind of job that could allow him to combine hand craftmanship and intellectual work.

"I did not want to chose and I did not know by then that many professions require both qualities."

Atelier François Bronze - 2, chemin de l'Épi 84000 Avignon – SIRET 383 641 321
Contact by phone : +33.6 51 33 44 08