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   References, wether public or private are the result of hard work and dedication.


blason de la ville de Paris Paris

National museum of natural history,
Expertise of the monument:
"Homme âge de pierre" (stone age man)
by Fremiet, 1872
Homme âge de pierre, Fremiet 1872


-=Ministry of culture, prefecture, regional conservation of the historic monuments=-

(about restoring a secrets lock from the sixteenth century...) "Regarding your record wich has just arrived about the secrets lock restoration you did for the Calvet museum, the piece is beautiful, extraordinarily complex ... and the restoration work is as great! Congratulations..."
Madame M.C. Leonelli


blason de la ville de Cannes Cannes

Domergue Vase
Restoration in progress
Museum's collections
Villa Domergue, Cannes
Vase avant retouche - Cannes


-=Our regional magazine LANGUEDOC*SUN=-

We had business dealings with a master artisan who did a fantastic job in restoring an antique standing Buddha (140 cm high) we had shipped from Myanmar. In transit it was badly damaged. I found him by accident via the internet. He loves his work and is a real master in repairing bronze objects. Amongst his clients are big antique dealers, museums and collections like ourselves. His workshop is unbelievably interesting with his tools and things to be repaired lying all over the place. He is a true professional in this field. I know you have a section in which you like to introduce local artisans. He is in the Provence but just on the border of the Gard. I hope you can give him a nice write-up, Thanks.
Sir Marjolijn Hannaart - Birmanie


blason de la ville de Nice Nice

Cimiez Arena
Restoration of the monument:
"Louis Armstrong"
by Marcel Mayer
Nice statue de Louis Armstrong aux arènes de Cimiez, par Marcel Mayer

-=Tapestry Museum - Pavillon Vendôme - Aix en Provence=-

(regarding the re-establishment of all the museum lightnings)
"...It is with professionalism and thouroughnes that he accomplished his task"
Monsieur B. Ely (head conservative)


blason de la ville de Cannes Le Cannet

Restoration of the monument :
"Monument de la victoire" (victory monument)
Pietra Santa
Monument de la victoire, pietra santa

-= Calvet museum - Avignon =-

" ...I want to express our satisfaction, both for the care taken in this delicate work and for the quickness with wich you did that work. No doubt that it will be from now on one of the most beautifull ornaments of our meridian... "
Monsieur P. Provoyeur (head conservative)

blason de la ville de Trieux Trieux

Restoration of the monument:
"Le poilu de Verdun"
poilu de Trieux


-=Brayer Museum, Les Baux de Provence=-

(Regarding "the little mermaid" by Camille Claudel)
"...I was very satisfied with his work just like the owner of the sculpture was, and I will certainly recommend the man if the opportunity was given to me..." "
Madame Y. Brayer (Chair)


blason de la ville d'Aix en provence Aix en provence

Numerous restorations of the museums collections and historical monuments as well for over ten years
aix en provence


-=Angladon Museum, Avignon=-

"... The restoration of several luminaires from the 18th century, belonging to our comllections have been completed within the time frame requested and with all the precautions we asked for... All of them were satisfying..."
Madame A. M. Peilhard (Conservative)


blason de la ville de Fouquières les lens Fouquières les lens

Monument of Victory restoration
monument de la victoire, Fouquières les Lens


-=Helvetian art lovers=-

( About a bronze by Barye )
We wanted to thank you and congratulate you for the restoration of the bronze named "The Italian Buffoon" by A. Barye Son, you made a marvelous job, the result is fantastic! Congratutaltion again for the great job you are doing. We surely won't miss an occasion to talk about you to other people sensible to art.


blason de la ville d'Avignon Avignon

Numerous restorations of museum collections and historical monuments including several statuary groups.
Monument du centenaire du ratachement d'avignon et du comtat venaissain à la france


-=Nice Townhall=-

( About the Jazzman Louis Armstrong statue by Marcel Mayer )

" Thank you for this great piece of work "

M. Denis Bono, Mayor, Department of cultural affaires.



blason de la ville de Saint Mathieu de treviers Saint Mathieu de Treviers

Restoration of the monument:
Marianne Fountain
below the "pic Saint Loup" mountain
Marianne de Saint Mathieu de Treviers, au pied du pic saint loup


-=Sérignan du comtat City Hall=-

(About the statue of the famous entomologist JH Fabre)
"The statue was entrusted to Mr François Bronze, a well known specialist in the restoration of antiquepieces in Avignon, who worked for many museums, including the musée calvet in Avignon. Mr Bronze has done an excellent job and both experts and officials (including the Regional Director of cultural affaires) came to see his workin progress and give their observations. The statue returned to Serignan and resumed it's place for everybody's satisfaction."
The Mayor : J. Collado


blason de la ville d'Orange Orange

Collection of luminaires
Museum Hôtel dieu
Lustres ville d'Orange


-=Former Auctioneer=-

( Regarding a bronze group of three running athletes, named "to the goal", by Alfred Boucher )
" This piece felle to the ground and had been severly twisted, the limbs were distorted to the point of breaking the Patina. Unbalanced, the group coukld no longer stand on the pedestal. I'm still very pleased with the remarkable of Mr François Bronze, and I'll also add that the time given for this restoration had been scrupulously respected that the bill had been respected too and quite according with the quality of his work, wich put the piece back in its original state without any clue left of the serious damages it suffered..."
Mr J. Desamais ( Former Auctioneer )


blason de la ville de Sérignan du comtat Sérignan-du-comtat

J.Henri Fabre


-=Private Collection (R.V. rue duc 75018 Paris)=-

"It is with great pleasure that I again express my satisfaction with the exceptional restoration you did on the objects I entrusted you with.
The fire burned down my home, and I recovered from the remains a clock from the 18th century and some other bronze items in a desperate state...
Several specialists who I had spoken with before refused these restorations because of their complexity or proposed methods of work that seemed to me insufficiently precotionous with the pieces...
I will remebre your wariness when you agreed to attempt the rescue I no longer believed in...
You were able to do even more than just bring them back to life.
Thank for the quality of your work, respectful of the ancient methods, your delicacy, these items have found back the soul the artist initialy breathed in them.
I also want to point out that although done with prudence and patience, the restorations were carried out under deadline.
I remain at your disposal to confirm, if needed, this testimony.
I thank you again, and wish to tell you how much I had appreciated the warmth and quality of our exchangesand be entrusted with my friendship.


-=Mme Huchet, Vaison la Romaine=-

(Regarding an automaton, Austrian caged nightingale, 5 minutes of singing, 7 different notes)


Rossignol en cage automate boite a musique