Works of Art Restorations

            Bronze - Copper - Tin

                 Zinc - Iron - Silver - Sheffield                                                          " THE MONUMENT OF THE CENTENNIAL... "

Drapeau Français Drapeau Anglais


Restoration of this monument :

The centennial monument
celebrating the attachment of the "comtat Venaissin" to France

The World's history shows us that men have always come to build capacity related to its ambitions, even if they are excessive.
Where once the techniques where rather limited and reserved to the elite, today they have become powerful, numerous, varied and almost within reach of all, to the point of creating many damages ... / ...Following text under the images.

.../... One must show the greatest care when restoring public or historical monuments.
Regarding the statues it is very important to be cautious.
Using a high pressure washer could be helpfull to get rid of graffities, but this could have a disastrous impact to the precious patina covering the work of art.

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