Works of Art Restorations

            Bronze - Copper - Tin

                 Zinc - Iron - Silver - Sheffield                                                          Authenticity     

Drapeau Français Drapeau Anglais

Authenticity, smell and charm,     
of the workshops.  

             Those workshops are increasingly rare, half studio, half shop.
             François Bronze's workshop is the same kind of place,
reminder of a time long gone. The workshop looks like a living Museum, old tools are everywhere. Mallet made of rolled up pigskin (XVIIIth and XIXth century), chisels, files, riffloirs, forms, bronze clamps with jaws tortured by the pieces that have penetrated the lead. Here the taste of metal is everywhere.
             The handles are polished and have a patina, worn by the hands of so many generations of companions who preceded us.

             The artistic charm of this collection of old tools only compete with the antiques awaiting rescue here in the workshop.


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Atelier François Bronze - 2, chemin de l'Épi 84000 Avignon – SIRET 383 641 321
Contact by phone : +33.6 51 33 44 08