Works of Art Restorations

            Bronze - Copper - Tin

                 Zinc - Iron - Silver - Sheffield

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Restauration des fontaines publiques

Restauration de monuments aux morts pour la patrie

Restauration de lustres et luminaires

Atelier François Bronze
François Bronze's Workshop
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    This workshop was Originally created in 1958, 8 rue Froment in Paris. Later, in 1975, in a unique approach for the time, it was moved to Avignon, in Provence. Since then, it's right there, in this Bronze-art's Workshop that we perpetuate the tradition of the re-establishment of Works of Art in iron and bronze :

-cleaning, repair and restoration of luminaires (eletric or not),
-restoration of chandeliers (with or without crystals),
-restoration of religious objects in bronze,
-restoration of religious monuments in Cast iron,
-restoration of religious monuments in bronze,
-cuttery's restoration,
-restoration of bronze animals representations,
-bronze clock frames restoration,
-bronze statues restoration,
-restoration of cast iron public monuments,
-restoration of bronze public monuments,
-restoration and preservation of the legacy,
-the restoration of historical monuments,
-restoration of museum assets, but also,
procurements, town halls,
old houses and private castles.

    Ancient metals restoration has no secret for us, we achieve excellent and renowned workmanship in restoring : bronzes, tin, copper, brass, zinc, cast iron, silver, sheffields

    Regarding the restoration of monumental works, group of statues, fountain memorials, François Bronze can intervene throughout europe.
Systematically, the precaution principle is applied, and a thourough technical auscultation is performed.
    When a piece is not seriously corroded, cracked, weakened (internally and externally), or unsealed, we know that it is better for its preservation if we not dismantle, move or deposit it.
    Bronze is quite resistant to corrosion, but does not stand schocks, and dismantling it increases the probablility of creating cracks and irreversible extra damages.

    Regarding cast iron monuments, the problem is slightly different because this metal is often rusty ans it's necessary to intervene if the structure is badly weakened. Unfortunatly this is a well known issue with fountains; then again, caution is requiered because cast iron is difficult to weld, and might break like glass as a result of a clumsy gesture. Some inapropriate technical choices can be disastrous and lead to irreversible damages to your national metallic monuments.
    But even a very carefull restoration carried out on site, at a reasonnable cost, would always be less dramatic than an arm hanging in the air by a giant crane...

    François Bronze's workshop restores bronze with bronze only, without any use of plastic, that will never have the same coefficient of extension than bronze. Composites would have a disastrous impact on the metal.
    Customers come worldwide : Europe, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan...


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Atelier François Bronze - 2, chemin de l'Épi 84000 Avignon – SIRET 383 641 321
Contact by phone : +33.6 51 33 44 08